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Textile Services Since 1995

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Our experience in the sector since 1995 is an important factor for us to produce better service and quality products for you. Istanbul, Turkey based company engaged in our production, making the production to many countries around the world and gain confidence by knowing the importance of his business moves. Work clothes, each sector has its own unique needs and needs to be determined by accurately identifying the production area. Our company is aware of the importance of producing and solution-oriented work with its experience and expert staff in this field.
Our company, "ANT FASHION adds value to your brand" is proud to stand behind the slogan.

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We specialize in the production of brand t-shirts, polo t-shirts, t golf t-shirts ”, matching t-shirts, tracksuits, shorts, football and rugby and“ sports and casual wear for companies that do not have brand names. We apply shorts, T-shirts and bathrobes on a running morning, pajamas (satin and single jersey), printed, plain dyed, embroidered and many other products as well as simple, heavy piece washing, sand or stone washing.

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Better quality products, proportional cutting, sewing, modern steam ironing system, quality controls, packaging and folding technologies


To provide high quality, appropriate, goods and services to all communities and organizations, to make timely deliveries to any destination in the world.

Our Experience

Since 1995, we specialize in the production of “sportswear and casual wear, work clothes,” for men and women and children.


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Creating ideas and brands that really significant for people.

Creating ideas and brands that really significant for people.

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